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If you get excited when you find a cache and sign the log sheet, give a thought to the folk who placed the cache and ask yourself ”what do they get out of it?”.

A Cache Owner (CO) spends both time and money setting caches for others to find, so what is their reward?

Well, it is the appreciation you give them when you write your on-line log. Here you can tell them about the state of the cache, whether you found it easily, or even that you did not find it (DNF). You could also tell them about the adventure you had in finding the cache and this is likely to be read by all the next finders who also appreciate the information you are giving them too.

Information you write in your online log is invaluable and is YOUR contribution to the geocaching hobby, in fact, it is YOUR contribution to the very cache you have just found, as it becomes part of it’s history! Immortalised forever on the cache page for all to see and take notice.

Don’t be the one who just leaves a “TFTC”, “Found it” or even “Found – didn’t have a pen”. Tell us all about the adventure!

If you are doing a lot of geocaching in a day, or on holiday, there is no problem doing a ‘generic’ or cut and paste log describing how you came to be here, but add a line telling the CO about the state of each cache as well.

They appreciate it if you say it is in “good order” and even if you say the cache had a problem or “the log is damp” as it tells them they may need to make a maintenance visit. On that subject, why not take a few spare log sheets with you and replace the soggy one? Tell the CO (and others) that you have done this and give yourself a pat on the back! (You can print them yourself, or even just cut some strips of paper).

And on the subject of NOT having a pen to sign the log sheet. . . . . . . . one of the three RULES of geocaching is that you sign the paper log. (Yes there are only 3 rules – all others are guidelines!)

If you haven’t got a pen, shame on you! Remember you cannot claim a ‘Find’ if you haven’t signed the paper log.

But this does happen genuinely from time to time and usually a picture showing that you were actually there, with the cache in your hand, may appease the CO and they will let you log a find.

So if you are out caching and using a geocaching ‘app’ to log your finds on-the-go and are tempted to just write “TFTC” then think again about who is likely to read that. Also remember when you get home and can use a web browser on your PC or tablet, you can edit your log and add some more information and even add some photographs, which are always appreciated.

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