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We have noticed an increase in the numbers of geocaching logs here on the Isle of Man since the restrictions on exercise were relaxed.

We would like to remind everyone going out geocaching to take every precaution to keep everyone safe.  The current Isle of Man guidelines (30/4/2020) say this regarding Leisure & Exercise:

Do not engage in activities where you have to share or touch equipment that others have touched, outside of your household.

You cannot be certain that others have not touched the geocache container recently. Even if the geocaching listing shows no ‘Found’ logs for a long time, this does not mean someone has not found it recently. They may not yet have logged it online. Perhaps the Cache Owner (CO) will accept a photo log instead of you touching and signing the paper log, but note that you may need to send them the picture via the message system so as not to give too much away.

Take extra precautions if you must handle surfaces that others may have touched. Don’t touch your face and wash your hands when you return home. If you meet others, then remember the social distancing guidelines still apply.

Geocaching HQ’s response to COVID-19 is available here.

How to stay a geocacher while you stay home.

The above will link you to Geocaching HQ’s thoughts on geocaching activities you can do from home. When things improve, we should all be able to fully enjoy the hobby again, which means new caches being placed and older ones receiving an overdue maintenance visit. If you already have new geocaches in the making or are planning maintenance visits, we recommend you take a look at this on-line store where you will find a whole range of geocaching ‘stuff’.

NE Geocaching Supplies

We want to give a Shout Out to Chris & Rachel from NE Geocaching supplies who are providing an excellent service at this difficult time. They have all you need to maintain your geocaches and some interesting and unusual containers. They also sell Isle of Man Trackable Tags with a unique ‘IM’ prefix. These make great gifts or FTF prizes.

So there is no excuse to put the hobby on hold! And, dare we say it, if you are puzzling over a local Mystery Cache why not PM us for help or for a hint?

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