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Lots of excellent geocaches everywhere are largely ignored because they are multis. And boy, are people missing out! So every month  – approximately  –  we plan to feature a “must do” multi cache. If you have a particular favourite, please let us know which one it is and why. We intend to mention mainly local caches, but will be happy to include any which may be of interest to readers of the Manx Geocaching Facebook page.

Why bother doing a multi? Surely you have to find several locations, invest considerable time and effort and for what? Just one smiley! If you’re visiting a new place for a limited time and you don’t know how many stages a multi has or how long it will take, there’s some justification for that line of thought.

Perhaps, though,  geocaching isn’t just about the numbers. Perhaps it’s actually about getting out there, enjoying yourself and having fun! If you ignore the multis on the Isle of Man, you’re missing out on some of the best caches the island has to offer. And some have only two stages or can be done whilst finding other caches.

One great cache which fits that description is GC5WY65 Kerrow Dhoo 6 – Shake the Tree by monstermunch. It’s part of the Kerrow Dhoo series of 7 caches in Kerroodhoo plantation so you can also pick up some traditionals whilst searching out the multi. In fact the location of stage one is also the location of Kerrow Dhoo 4, so you can get a smiley at both stages. What a clever idea! No excuses then. The terrain here isn’t for the faint hearted and can be downright challenging in places but well worth the effort. Note the rating on the cache page and don’t go in flip flops!

We don’t want to give too much away and spoil the fun, but these excerpts from finders’ logs should whet your appetite:

“What can be said about this one without giving the game away! Mr R classes it as one of the best multis he has ever done. The way the information for the final is positioned and collected, then the final, has just about everything, smile appeal, a challenge, a good walk, just what caches in our opinion should be all about. Memorable.” – Stillroaming

“Well worth doing dont be put off by the ratings its a v good cache” – Vikings of Man

“Absolutely agree with Stillroaming, must disagree with Vikings of Mann, it’s not a v good cache, it’s brilliant! This is one of the best caches we’ve seen. A favourite for the whole cache, conception and construction. Thanks for a great cache and series.” – Caaghyr’s Crew

So don’t miss out, try a multi. Have fun!

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