Multi of the Month – November


A Dud Cache GC479RF

One of our favourite multis – ever – is right here on the island and hasn’t been found for over a year. We know it’s in good order and all the stages are there because the owners have logged recent maintenance visits to check.

It’s a favourite of ours for several reasons. Firstly, it is quite challenging. So if you’re new to caching you may want to “cut your teeth” on something simpler for now. It’s a Premium Member cache too, for this reason, so not available to basic members.

At stage one, we got one digit wrong for stage two on our first attempt. This meant that we went off on a wild goose chase and had to start again.  It was a silly mistake on our part and not something made deliberately difficult by the CO so don’t let our experience put you off!

Secondly, every stage was interesting and different from the last. And whilst we don’t want to give too much away, remember the name of the cache as you search for each stage.

Thirdly, the final made us laugh out loud, it really is that good!

Our last reason for it being a favourite is that, in spite of our false start, we got FTF. Sorry, you won’t have that reward, but you will have an hour or two of geocaching enjoyment and a good but fairly easy walk. And hopefully a “smiley”.

For anyone planning a caching trip away, there are several “resuscitator challenge” caches out there, requiring that you find a cache not logged as found for at least a year in order to claim them, so for one lucky cacher, this could be  a route to another smiley as well. Yes, you just get the one for a multi-cache, but remember – geocaching isn’t just about the numbers. It’s also about getting out there and enjoying yourself.

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