If you have not been to a #geocaching event before (or if you have!) then this is a special one not to be missed. This a unique opportunity and there will be birthday cake!

Saturday 20th May 2017 @10 a.m. Douglas Head – Happy 15th. Birthday – Manx (GC5A4C)

For those of you who need more incentives to attend this event (what, cake isn’t enough?), there will be the opportunity to find both the OLDEST and NEWEST caches on the Isle of Man.

Many of you will already have logged a “Found It” for the oldest cache, “Manx“, but you can visit it again if you wish. If you haven’t yet found it, you can draw on the experience and knowledge of those who have.

We also have a new cache scheduled to be published at the start time of the event. We hope all attendees will meet at the event co-ords, which means that everyone will be able to visit the cache together and claim joint First-To-Find (FTF).

Whether you hope for your first FTF, or just another one to add to your list, this is an ideal opportunity to enjoy the excitement of being first. Caching in a group makes it almost certain that the cache will be found and everyone can share the glory. Of course, if you prefer, you can “look away now” and do it later in your own way.

And of course there will be the main attraction of attending an event. No, not the cake, the chance of some informal geonatter with fellow cachers. Recent events have proved popular with new and experienced cachers alike. Geocachers are always keen to share caching experiences with others, indeed many a tip for a pesky puzzle cache has been shared either knowingly or inadvertently at an event! And of course it’s always good to hear about times when even the most prolific cachers have struggled to find that elusive bit of Tupperware or nano tube.

There are barbeque facilities and picnic tables nearby, or, as often happens after events, we can move on to a nearby cafe (perhaps the sea terminal) or other hostelry for further refreshments and chat if people wish.

See you there!

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