Heritage Power Trail nominated in the National Geocaching Awards.



The Isle of Man has a nomination in the category ‘Best Individual Cache Series’ in this year’s National Geocaching Awards. YOU can vote for the Heritage Power Trail series, along with any or all of the other nominations in the 24 categories, via this link:


The Heritage Power Trail was first planned, set and placed by Happy Humphrey in December 2007 and consisted of 16 traditional and a Mystery Bonus cache covering a distance of 10 miles from Peel to the Quarter Bridge near Douglas. However, with “Power Trails” becoming very popular with geocachers around the world, two local caching teams, twoofnine and Stillroaming, decided, as a tribute to Happy Humphrey and the Heritage Trail, that they would expand the series and place an additional 63 caches along the route as well as keeping the original caches where possible and therefore making this the first official “Power Trail” on the Isle of Man with a possible 90 plus caches en route.

Take a look at the survey, there are some very interesting nominations and some ideas for caches you may wish to find on your travels. Voting is open until the end of June, for geocachers resident in Britain or Ireland – including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands – to express their favourites. The winners will be announced at the Ashridge Geolympix Mega Event on July 31st 2016. For further information, see the Geolympix website or National Geocaching Awards’ Facebook group, or Twitter account.


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