Going for Gold!

Challenge caches are back after an overhaul of the related guidelines and we have a few new ones on the Isle of Man. So, what is a Challenge Cache?

It’s the only type of physical cache allowed that has ALRs, or Additional Logging Requirements. So although you can find the cache and sign the log sheet at any time, you can only post a “Found It” log online and claim your “smilie” when you have fulfilled those requirements or, in other words, met the challenge.

The challenge will always be a positive one, designed to encourage cachers to aim for a particular goal and reward them when they achieve it.

Most of us start caching by looking for the traditional hides with the green-topped box symbol. These can be excellent caches, especially if they lead us to new and interesting places or if the owner has hidden an imaginative container. But there are other cache types out there which may need a bit more effort to find but which will expand our caching experience and give us a greater sense of achievement when we succeed. Reading the cache page will be essential to find out what’s required to find and claim these caches.

The new challenge caches on the Isle of Man are designed to encourage cachers to try some different types of cache. The mystery and multi challenges have three levels, requiring increasing numbers of these cache types to be found for each level.

Perhaps you have already found a few and qualify for the bronze or even silver challenge caches. Needing just a few more for the next level is a great incentive to get out there and find them, perhaps pushing yourself to try to solve that more difficult mystery or walking a bit further to find enough multis.

The new Challenge Caches on the Isle of Man:

Mystery Challenge Bronze – Isle of Man

Mystery Challenge Silver – Isle of Man

Mystery Challenge Gold – Isle of Man

Multi Challenge Bronze – Isle of Man

Multi Challenge Silver – Isle of Man

Multi Challenge Gold – Isle of Man

The 2 of 9 Challenge

and from 2014 The Parish Challenge – Bronze.

Enjoy the challenges and going for gold!

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