Geocaching winners at the Braddan Parish Day

braddanPDWe had a great time at the Braddan Parish Day and we gave out three prizes for those who found the most geocaches in the Geocache Hunt.

Two entrants found 9 out of the 10 geocaches hidden on the stalls, but amazingly not the same 9 which means that all 10 geocaches were found.

We awarded top prizes to Anupma and Team ‘Finn, Oona and Oisin’ all of whom must have tried really hard and didn’t hand their entry forms in until the very last minute. Another prize went to Chelsea who was a worthy runner-up.

There were lots of people showing interest in Geocaching and we received this log from Darren who found a geocache on the Heritage Power Trail:

“Took up Geocaching for the first time today. Introduced to it at the Braddan Parish Day event yesterday. So much fun finding my first geocache. My new hobby.”

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