Don’t miss a new geocache near you!

Don’t miss a new geocache near you!

Do you want to know when new caches are published in the Isle of Man?

If you are a Premium Member here’s how, using the Instant Notifications feature on

The Instant-Notify feature allows you to easily monitor the logs of geocaches within a particular area. Geocachers most often use this feature to receive notifications when new geocaches in their area are published, though you can use it to monitor any type of log.

IOM notifications

To set up a notification:

  1. Go to the Add Instant Notification page
  2. Give a name to the notification.
  3. Choose a cache type to monitor. (You will have to set up a new notification for each type.)
  4. Choose the types of logs you want to see. (If you are just looking for newly published caches, choose “Publish Listing”)
  5. Set the coordinates from which you want to search or enter a postal code. (The approximate centre of the island is at N54° 14.789 W4° 30.566)
  6. Select a distance in miles to search around the coordinates or postal code. (set this at 25 miles to include our territorial waters, e.g. for Mystery cache co-ordinates maybe!)
  7. Choose one email address to send notifications to. (If different from your account email.)

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