Church Micros – is it about the numbers?


They say some of us only visit a church 3 times in our life, but many geocachers are making church visits a much more regular thing. Not only do they get to see new places, they also learn some lesser known facts and encounter a lot of interesting architecture by searching out the caches in the Church Micro (CM) series. CMs cover most of the UK and now have come to the Isle of Man.

The Church Micro series of caches started life way back in 2007 and today there are over 9000 caches in the series. Perhaps if you have filled all your date squares, filled your D/T chart and are wondering what is left to challenge you in the game of geocaching, then Church Micros may be the answer.

There are virtual ‘rewards’ for finding these caches too. There is a dynamic profile badge which you can proudly display, showing your tally to date and ranking you with other CM chasers. The top ranked CM cachers, ‘Woking Wonders’, have logged over 5300 so far and are regular visitors to the Isle of Man.

You can take a look at the history on the CM statistics pages here and the Manx Church Micros can be found on this bookmark link.

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