Adventure Labs

An exciting new type of geocache has come to the Isle of Man. It’s found and played differently to other geocaches, so here are some hints on how to play and a link to the first Adventure Lab to go live here. For each of the 5 locations in this Adventure, there is no box to find, just a question to answer. They take you on an easy, level stroll around Ramsey so are an ideal introduction to this type of cache. And each stage you complete counts as a find on In this case, there’s also a bonus cache you can find once you have completed the Adventure. 

Below is helpful Youtube video, made in Canada, but the method is exactly the same here.

We’ve also included a link to a handy map as Adventure Labs don’t show up on the usual geocaching maps and apps, but once you have downloaded the Adventure Lab app, you will be able to see the ones nearest to your own location.

Adventure Labs Map (be patient it takes a while to load).

There is more information on the website.

As with all geocaching, make sure to read and check everything on your phone screen as you go so that you don’t miss anything. These caches are still classed as experimental, hence the term “lab” in the name. They are played “live” in the field, so do rely on an internet connection. But they’re not complicated, so just go out and give them a try! 

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