How did you fare in 2016?

There were 465 geocachers based in the Isle of Man who found geocaches here in 2016! That sounds like a very big number for an area the size of the Isle of Man but over 300 of those who created a geocaching.com account and went looking for geocaches found 10 or fewer geocaches. In fact 85 only ever found 1 geocache!

So why do so many people take up the hobby and then lose interest so quickly? We would be interested to hear your thoughts on this and how we can encourage more people to continue with the hobby.

If you know of anyone who needs to learn more about the hobby then invite them along to one of the many events being planned in 2017 (the next one is on 10th January).

Here is the top 30 chart showing IoM cachers who found caches in the Isle of Man during 2016 c/o Project-GC:

And who, in 2016, are the Top Ten Isle of Man based geocachers who also go geocaching when they leave the island? Here is a list compiled by Project-GC which sadly omits any Lab caches, but we don’t think that affects the ranking:

No.1 Chermione 790

No. 2 VMinky 651

No. 3 twoofnine 620

No.4 Stillroaming 485

No. 5 Caaghyr’s Crew 415

No. 6 gillcully 365

No. 7 Mike_bjm 362

No. 8 Fowler&Co 359

No. 9 twosistersplustwo 348

No. 10 Embi IOM 339


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